About Us

Nujam is probably the best way to learn technology. Nujam gets students & adults tech ready for Jobs, Careers and Businesses with best tech content + in person expert mentoring @ great venues.

Learning in demand technologies is hard for most people – be it making websites & apps, online marketing, programming or chat bots – due to ever changing content & application of new technologies. Combining best of tech content and application oriented mentoring by Industry experts, Nujam makes learning tech easier, more effective by helping college students and adults get teched up within a few weeks.

Nujam’s vision is to improve livelihoods of college students & adults by helping them with higher earning opportunities, with the help of technology. Nujam’s mission is making tech learning simpler, effective and efficient with a blend of Tech Content & Application oriented mentoring.

Join the new way of learning technology by jamming together : ) Get teched up!